Best Gifts for Plant Lovers

Buying presents, whether for a birthday or Christmas, can be incredibly hard.

But what if that special person loves plants? Then you have a range of cool gifts to get them!

In this article, I have made a list of the coolest gifts for plant lovers. From misters to books, this list includes a wide range of products, all found at various price points. Let’s jump in…

Terracotta pots

Who doesn’t love a terracotta pot? If you don’t know, this type of pot has moisture-wicking benefits, which is why they are so loved by plant enthusiasts.

In fact, terracotta pots are perfect for increasing the health of plants, as they minimize the chance of root rot from overwatering.  You can get some really cool plant pots, but I will link to a few of my favorite ones. These three small pots from Amazon are full of character, while those in the UK may want to look at this beautiful pot from Etsy.

Grow lights

If you live in a country that experiences low light levels in winter, then a grow light can be a fantastic gift for plant lover.

You can read our full article on LED lights for plants. If you don’t have time, our favorite grow light is the VOGEK LED Growing Light (Amazon link).  It is a full-spectrum light that allows indoor plants to thrive to their full potential. The light also has multiple brightness settings and can be timed to 3, 6, or 12 hours.


Humidifiers are the best gifts for exotic plant owners. You see, these plants need high humidity levels to thrive. Not all of us live in a South American forest, so humidifiers can be a lifesaver.

I recommend going for the LEVOIT Humidifier (Amazon link), which is can raise the humidity levels in large rooms. The built-in humidity sensor means the humidity levels are adjusted to the desired level, which means you don’t have to keep adjusting the device.

Plant hanger

If you know the plant enthusiast likes to hang their plants, then a plant hanger is an ideal gift. There are tons of different plant hangers on the market, but are favorite ones are the macramé ons. In fact, I have one hanging on my living room door.

These hangers from Amazon (Amazon link) are very cute. Etsy have some really cool handmade plant hangers if you want something a touch for personal.

Moisture probe

It is of my firm belief that all plant lovers should own a moisture probe. They are the best gadgets for checking whether your plant needs watering or not. This stops your plants from drying out, prevents overwatering, and means you don’t have to prod the soil with your hand.

They aren’t 100% accurate, but they give a general guideline that is accurate enough to keep your plants healthy. Also, moisture probes are so cheap that you can’t really go wrong. Amazon sell some good ones (Amazon link).


Without trying to state the obvious, a plant is one of the best gifts for lovers of plants. Oh, and don’t worry if your friend already has a specific plant, as it’s still great to own multiple plants.

If your special person is new to the world of plants, then buying a plant that is easy to care for is the best plant gift idea. Aloe and cactus don’t require much watering, while a snake plant can be kept in darker conditions.

Etsy have a range of cool plants. Know someone that likes plants and rabbits? Then nothing beats the bunny-ear cactus (etsy link).

Plant shelf/stand

Every plant enthusiast needs somewhere to keep their plants. As such, you could get your friend a new plant shelf. Obviously, you should have confidence that they have space and actually want one.

A whole shelving unit may be a bit much, so you could get a portable plant stand. They are keeping small plants off the floor and adding extra character. I love this one from Amazon (Amazon link).


When it comes with luxurious gifts for plant lovers, a biorb is hard to beat. These unique products are basically heated aquariums for growing plants. They usually feature cool lighting, which results in a great centre piece for any home. Check out these ones (Amazon link).


Plant lovers need all kinds of cool gadgets to keep their plants alive. Hygrometers are one of these gadgets that can be used to track humidity, temperature, and light. They are cheap, and small enough to wrap and slip into your pocket or bag. I use this one from Amazon (Amazon link).


From Netflix to wine, nearly all products and services are on subscriptions these days. There are some excellent subscription gifts for plant lovers on the market. CrateJoy have some of the best available, with a number of different types and prices.

A subscription to a plant subscription service is a great gift for new plant owners. I mean, technically you will be giving more than one gift, but I’m sure the receiver will LOVE it.

Watering can

Personally, I use any vessel in my home as a makeshift watering can. But don’t let my frugality distract you from the fact that watering cans are some of the best plant lovers’ gifts. There are a HUGE variety of cans on the market – some are crafted from copper, while others are made into unique shapes.

I use this one (Amazon link) for watering my indoor house plants. It has a beautiful design that matches the décor in my home. Plus the unique handle makes it super-easy to hold.

Terrarium kit

Terrariums are one of the best presents for plant lovers. In fact, they are one of the best presents for any occasion or person. I will ALWAYS be overjoyed to receive a terrarium. You can get some really cool ones online, like this one (Etsy link).

Propagation station

Does your friend enjoy propagating their plants? If so, you may want to get them a propagation station for their home. This is a small unit that holds multiple glasses or vases. They look super cool on the kitchen counter.

As with most plant accessories, I like prefer the more unique items. Etsy has loads of cool propagation stations that add extra character to the home. This one (Esty link) is my favorite propagation station.


If you know what books your friend already has, then gifting them with a new book can be a great idea! With that said, most books on the market are targeted towards beginners, not plant experts.

If your friend is new to the world of plants, then the The House Plant Expert by DG Hessayon (Amazon link) is a good choice to start with.

Moss poles

Moss poles are a great plant accessory gift when paired with a plant. You could even buy a few of them.

These poles are great for keeping plants upright. I use them on my monstera plants, as the aerial roots tend to go a bit wild. Amazon has some great moss poles.


Misters can be useful for improving the humidity and keeping leaves clean. Not everyone uses a mister, but I personally love misting my plants.  

I mainly use mine for keeping dust off my plants. It looks pretty cool too! Misters come in a huge variety of styles, but most are plastic. This retro mister (Amazon link) is made from glass, which is perfect for gifting.

Watering tray

Does the person have a lot of plants to care for? Then a large watering tray could be the perfect gift, especially if you purchase a bottom watering tray. These trays allow people to water large numbers of plants at the same time. You can bottom-water plants with ease, especially if the person enjoys growing their own herbs.

Bulb vases

Bulb vases are a ‘cheap and cheerful’ gift for lovers of plants. I use mine for propagating plants. You can pick up some pretty cool ones from Etsy (Etsy link).


So, those are my top gift ideas for plant lovers. Obviously you know the person better than I do, but hopefully you manage to find something from the list I created.

Please do let me know if you have any other gifts I can add to this guide. Maybe you’re the plant lover who wants a gift? Maybe forward this guide to them… “hint hint”.