Can Jade Plant Get Sunburn?

Jade plants are unique, but can these beautiful plants handle the light and heat of the sun? In this blog post, we will explore how the sun affects jade plants. Let’s dive in…

Can Jade Plants Get Sunburn?

Yes, jade plants can get sunburn. Too much sun exposure will cause the leaves to turn brown and crispy. The key to keeping your jade plant happy is finding a nice spot in the shade that gets some in-direct sunlight every day.

How To Save Burnt Jade Plant?

To save a burnt jade plant, you just need to follow a few steps. Unfortunately, it’s game over for the really burnt leaves, so remove them before you save the rest of your jade plant.

1) Remove the burnt leaves

Jade plant leaves will turn brown if exposed to the sun for too long. While some of the slightly brown ones can survive, you should remove the leaves that have turned dark brown. Remove them with caution by using sterilized scissors to make cuts where the leaf meets the stem.

2) Move the jade plant to an area of shade

Move the jade plant to a cool, dark location. Allow your plant to rest for a few days before exposing it to more sunlight. In order to prevent sunburn, the plant should not be in any windows that receive too much direct sunlight.

3) Ventilation

The jade plant is also feeling hot, so try to cool it down by giving some fresh air to its leaves. Leave the plant near a window so that air can circulate through the room. But don’t go too overboard with the air, as you don’t want to shock the plant.

4) Water

Now, jade plants don’t usually like too much water but after a few days of sun exposure, the plant may be crying out for some hydration. As such, give it some want to make it happier. I recommend using a spray mister to cover the leaves with cool water and make sure it gets wet completely.

Other Reasons for Brown Leaves


The most common form of disease on succulents and plants is bacterial leaf spot, which creates brown spots inside a yellow ring. A bacterial infection can be controlled by managing the humidity and air circulation inside your home.

Too much water

Overwatered jade plants can cause your jade plant to get root rot, which is because oxygen can’t get to the roots of the plant. With this in mind, the jade plant cannot receive the nutrients it needs to thrive, which results in brown leaves.

Too much fertilizer

Fertilizing a jade plant can be wise, but more is not always better. Nutrients in the soil can sometimes be over-applied and lead to too much fertilization.

Too hot or cold

Your succulent needs a suitable temperature to thrive. Otherwise, your plant will show brown spots. I like to keep mine between 65° to 75°F.


An often asked question about this beautiful succulent is whether they can get sunburned just like humans do…

So now you know! That’s what can happen if you choose to leave your jade plant in the sun for too long.

Follow the steps in this article to understand why your jade plant is becoming sick and take the necessary steps to keep it healthy.