Can Jade Plants Grow In Water?

The crassula ovata is a succulent plant that is native to the southern coastline of Africa. It can survive in arid environments because of its ability to store water for long periods of time. The leaves are green with white spots on them, which give this plant its name “jade.”

So that’s a little rundown on what the jade plant is – but can they be kept in water? Let’s find out the truth…

Can Jade Plants Grow In Water?

Yes! Jade plants can grow in water. In fact, you can propagate your jade plant in water via leaf or stem propagation. Once your new jade plant has grown to an adult size, you can move it to the pot of soil, or simply leave it in the water forever.

How to Grow the Jade Plant in Water?

You can propagate a jade plant by cutting off a leaf or stem and placing it in water.

Most people use this only as an experiment to see how long their jade plant will last in the water before dying – but you can actually keep your plants alive indefinitely by doing so!

You’ll want to cut off a branch (or leave) and place it into some sort of container that has enough room for roots to grow out from the edges. Fill with distilled water and change out every couple weeks until root systems are developed well enough for transplanting onto soil-based mediums, which usually takes about three months. Here’s a step-by-step guide to follow:

Step 1: Cut a stem cutting

Make a cut from the stem of your beloved jade plant’. This cutting should be at least two inches in length and contain more than two leaves.

Step 2: Place the stem cutting into water

The trick here is to use a water bottle with a neck that will stop the cutting from drowning in the water. You should then fill the bottle with water until it reaches the bottom of the stem cutting.

From here, roots should emerge from your stem cutting. You want the roots to be fully submerged in the water, with the rest of the plant poking out from the top.

Step 3: Change the water on a frequent basis

The water will start to go bad if not changed. As such, change the water every one or two weeks to keep it fresh.

How Long Can the Jade Plant Stay in Water?

The jade plant can stay in water for an indefinite period of time. In fact, the water is necessary for the plant to survive. It can be grown in a pot of minerals and soil, but it cannot stay without being watered at all or else its’ leaves will turn yellowish-brown and eventually die.

Jade Plant Water Growth vs Soil Growth

Jade plants are most commonly propagated in soil. This is mainly due to people not being aware that water works too! In fact, using water is the most fun way to propagate a jade plant as you can watch the process unfold before your eyes.

Other Care Tips

Place it in a well-lit area, but not direct sunlight. Early morning or late evening light is best.

An occasional dose of fertilizer consisting of one teaspoon per cup of water can be used for more vigorous growth. However, this should not be done too often because it could lead to an overgrowth that will damage the plant’s root system.


In this blog post, we discussed whether a jade plant can grow in water. Although the answer was interesting, I still recommend growing your jade plant in a pot of nutrient-rich soil.

It naturally cleanses the air around it because it absorbs toxins like formaldehyde from pollution or gas emissions. Jade plants are even believed by some cultures to bring luck and happiness into your home!

Here’s a quick summary of the water propagation steps:

  • Collect a cutting from your jade plant.
  • Insert the stem into water in a bottle that will stop it from drowning.
  • Change the water every one or two weeks to keep it fresh.

What’s not there to love about this gorgeous green gem? If you’re looking for something beautiful indoors or outdoors, try keeping these beauties on hand…