Can Monstera Get Sunburn?

Monstera plants are unique, but can they handle the light and heat of the sun? In this blog post, we will explore how the sun affects monstera plants. Let’s dive in…

Can Monstera Get Sunburn?

Yes, monstera can get sunburn. If the monstera plant is exposed to enough direct sunlight, leaves will begin to discolor from sunburn. Monstera plants can be kept in places with low light conditions, so I recommend keeping your monstera away from direct light.

How To Save Burnt Monstera?

You can save a burnt monstera with just a few simple steps. But seriously burnt leaves cannot be saved, so remove them before you save the rest of your plant.

1) Remove the burnt leaves

Monstera leaves will turn brown if exposed to the sun for too long. The monstera won’t have the nutrients needed to turn green again. Remove them with caution by using sterilized scissors to make cuts where the leaf meets the stem.

2) Move the monstera to an area of shade

Move the monstera plant to a cool, dark location. Allow your plant to rest for a few days before giving it any more light. Moving forward, keep the monstera away from any windows that receive too much direct sunlight. In fact, you can keep monstera in lower light

3) Ventilation

Put the plant in a place where it is properly ventilated. The plant is likely hot right now and wants to cool down by getting some fresh air on its leaves. Some mist on your monstera may help. I like using this Levoit Humidifier (Amazon link).

4) Water

After a few days of sun exposure, the plant may be left withered and wilted. As such, it needs water to repair damages. I recommend using a mister to spray the plant with cool water and make sure it gets wet completely. Learn about monstera watering here.

Other Reasons for Brown Leaves


Bacterial leaf spot is one of the most common forms of the disease in monsteras. In fact, I have a whole post about monstera leaf spot. This type of disease creates brown spots inside the yellow ring. A bacterial infection is less likely in a controlled environment with good air circulation.

Too much water

Overwatered monstera plants can develop root rot, which is caused by oxygen not being able to reach the roots of the plant. As such, the monstera plant can’t receive the nutrients needed to thrive, which gives brown leaves.

Too much fertilizer

Fertilizing a monstera plant is important, but more is not always better. In fact, too much fertilizer can lead to an excess amount of nutrients in the monstera soil.

Too hot or cold

Your monstera requires a suitable temperature to thrive to its potential. If not, your monstera plant will show brown spots. I like to keep mine between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


An often asked question about this tropical tree, which grows in many parts of the world including North America and Africa, is whether they can get sunburned just like humans do…

And now you have the answer! That’s what can happen if you leave your monstera in the sun for too long.

Follow the guidelines in this article to protect your monstera from sunburn and other problems that can cause brown leaves.

I have written many posts on the monstera plant, so be sure to search within the rest of my website. Happy planting!