Can Pothos Live Outside?

Pothos plants are a common indoor plant. However, some people wonder if pothos can live outside. In this article, we answer your questions when it comes to growing pothos plants outside. Let’s dive in…

Can Pothos Live Outside?

Yes, pothos can live outside! The golden rule is to try and emulate the pothos plant’s natural habitat as well as possible. Pothos plants thrive in tropical forests, so bear that in mind…

When wanting to keep a pothos outside, the main requirement is that the pothos soil drains well. Secondly, make sure that the area where you plan on planting gets enough sunlight, although be careful about sunburn damage to your pothos.

Next up – water frequency! The watering needs of your outside pothos plant depend heavily on climate – so we’ll touch more on that later. Lastly (but not least) fertilize regularly with mild liquid fertilizer, like Miracle Grow (Amazon link).

This is surprising, since pothos plants are typically used indoors. However, this plant can still be a part of your outdoor space if you do it right! Let’s dig even deeper…

How To Grow Pothos Outside?


The best temperature for pothos plants is about 65-75°F (18-24°C). As such, you can grow a pothos outside if the temperature is at least 65°F. Lower than 50°F will cause your pothos plant to die, so it will likely need to be brought inside during the winter. Pothos also love humidity!


Pothos plants can tolerate both direct and indirect sunlight. In the tropical regions, it is considered to be a shade plant because of its tolerance for lower light conditions. However, in cooler climates, pothos will need at least some direct sun to thrive. They love to climb towards the sun!


Soil should remain moist but not wet. You will likely need to give your pothos more water when you place it outside.


Pothos plants are generally resistant to pests, but you may need to spray with insecticide if you see spider mites. Spider mites typically like dry soil and will attack your pothos more readily when it’s hot or windy outside.


Pothos pants like soil that is moist but not wet. As such, it is a good idea to use a potting mix that drains well. You could even plant your pothos near your other plant as a form of companion planting.


Outside pothos plants don’t need a lot of fertilizer. I like to give mine an all-purpose fertilizer every three/four weeks during the warmer months. There is no need to use fertilizer during the winter as the plant will go dormant. You will also likely move your pothos plant to an inside location during the winter.

If you need to give your plant a fertilizer, I recommend using an all-purpose mix (Amazon link) that has the following in it: phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and calcium. I use the half the recommended dose of fertilizer as these are nutrients that can quickly build up in soil.


To conclude, you can leave your pothos plant outside as long as it is in a spot where the plant can receive plenty of sunlight.

You will need to fertilize your pothos every three/four weeks during the warmer months and then move it inside for winter (or whenever the temperature drops below 50°F).

This concludes this blog post on caring for a pothos plant outside! I hope you have enjoyed reading it and found some interesting points that will help you take care of your own houseplant in a happy, healthy way.