Can Yellow Leaves Turn Green Again?

When autumn arrives, yellow leaves look mesmerizing, but yellow leaves on a houseplant can snatch away the beauty. We all love those big, green plant leaves, but sometimes they can turn yellow. Let’s find out if this can be reversed…

Can Yellow Leaves Turn Green Again?

Yes, it is possible for yellow leaves to turn green again. However, the chances of the yellow leaves of a house plant turning green again are very bleak. Once the leaf turns yellow, it becomes quite difficult to turn it back to green. Although there are various ways in which you can detect the yellowing at an early stage and prevent it.

Let us begin from scratch and understand what reasons might be causing the yellowing of the leaves and how to prevent it.

Why Do Leaves Turn Yellow?

Yellow leaves on a houseplant can be a setup for you. It can make your houseplant look dull and unhealthy. There are various reasons that can be responsible for the yellowing of the leaves.

Too Much Water

Water is no doubt very essential for the growth of every houseplant. But have you ever wondered what the right amount of water for a plant is?

Overwatering is one of the major causes that cause the leaves of the houseplant to turn yellow. Yellow leaves on a plant show stress, and the cause of this are, most of the time, too much water.

If the number of yellow leaves is a lot, this might be a sign of rotting roots. If this is the case, then you should change the pot of your plant.

If you are watering your plant a little extra, thinking that it is healthy, you should abstain from it. If the leaves have turned yellow because of this, then there is no chance that they will turn green again.

Less Water

Just like overwatering, less water than required can also cause yellowing of the leaves. It is very important that you strike a perfect balance of water for your houseplant to prevent leaves’ yellowing. In such cases as well, the leaves will not turn green again.

The Age of the Leaf

Another reason for the yellowing of leaves is the natural aging cycle. If only one or two leaves are turning yellow, then there is a possibility that it is just old.

This comes with the condition that the rest of your plant is healthy and green. In such a case, you don’t have anything at hand.

If you feel that you need to take it out, you can use a sterilized pair of scissors to snip off the yellow leaf. Decaying leaves can damage the rest of the plant as well, so it is better that it is extracted at the right time.

In this case, as well, the leaves will not turn green. The most that can happen is that your leaves will turn into beautiful autumnal colors.

Lack of Proper Nutrition

The old leaves will fall after completing a certain amount of time. If the new leaves are coming out pale and not properly green, then there is a chance that your plant lacks the right nutrition.

If you think that this might be why the leaves turn yellow, try adding some fertilizer to your plant. There is a slight chance that your yellow leaves can turn back to green in such a case. Then, you have to aware because some of the yellow leaves will fall as well.

Lack of Adequate Light

Light is the most important thing aiding the healthy growth of your plant. If your plant is not getting an adequate amount of light, then this may cause the leaves to turn yellow.

The best thing you can do in such a case is to keep your plant in a better-lit place. You can also add a grow light to your plant. 

In such cases also the yellow leaves won’t turn back to green, but there is a chance that the rest of the leaves will not turn yellow.


Moisture and humidity are important when you want to keep the leaves of your plant green. If there is a lack of humidity, then the edges of the leaf will start turning yellow.

If you understand this issue at an early stage, then there is a possibility that you can prevent the leaf from turning brown. In that case, also the yellow ones will not turn green.

Make sure that you are quick in fixing this issue. You can use a pebble tray or move the plant in a humid room. This should be done keeping in mind that the plant should not mist.

Misting of the plant can attract a lot of pests and also fungus. This will further damage your plant rather than protecting it.

There are various factors involved in the yellowing of the leaves, but with some precautions and early detection, this can be prevented.

How to Prevent Leaves from Turning Yellow?

Now that we know the various factors that can turn your yellow houseplant leaves let us look at some of the potential solutions. This will not turn the yellow leaf back to green but can prevent the leaves from turning yellow to a certain extent. While some of the leaves will age and turn yellow, some will be affected by various other factors.

If you take good care of your plant, then it is possible that other than the natural aging cycle, no other factor will affect the leaves of your plant. In the end, it all comes down to the attention and care the plant is receiving. Take note of the following points to ensure a healthy plant.

Balance the Amount of Water

Ensure that you are giving to your plant only the right amount of water. It is always a good choice to use a moisture meter to ensure that your plant is getting the right amount of water at the right time. Overwatering and less watering both are harmful to your beautiful houseplant.

Keep A Close Eye on Your Plant

Make sure that you are checking your plant at least once or twice a week. This will help you identify the problems early, making it easier to deal with them and rectify them.

Check the Light

As mentioned earlier, keep a check on the amount of light that your plant is getting. The plant should neither be exposed to direct sunlight nor be kept in a dimly lit room. You need to ensure that the light is perfect. You can take the help of grow lights just in case natural light is getting difficult for you.

Maintain your Plants

Keep your plants clean. Keep away from dust and clean them regularly.

Check Humidity

Keep the humidity of the room or space at a check. Too much can invite a fungus, and less can cause the leaves to turn yellow.


Yellow leaves on your plant can make it look and unhealthy. Most of the time, the leaves grow old and then turn yellow, but apart from this, there are several other factors that add to it.

There is almost no chance that a yellow leaf will become green again, but early detection and proper care can prevent them from turning yellow.

With a little extra care and keeping minute things in mind, you will be able to grow a healthy and green plant.