Do Black Strawberries Exist?

Strawberries are one of the most popular fruits in the world. They are big, juicy, and red in color… or are they?

There are now multiple types of strawberry for the consumer to buy. But with new developments, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction.

The latest rumor is that you can now buy black strawberries. In fact, a quick look on Ebay will show dozens of people selling seeds to grow black strawberries. But are black strawberry seeds legit? Let’s find out…

Do Black Strawberries Exist?

No, black strawberries do not exist. You may have seen online retailers selling black strawberry seeds, but these products are not real.

These seeds are often accompanied by pictures of the most beautiful black strawberry you have ever seen. But this is another great example of something that’s too good to be true. In reality, a black fruit would be a dark haze of purple, not jet-black in color.  

The first image of a black strawberry was made by John Robertson, who crafted a black strawberry out of resin, and then painted it black. This crated a super-cool piece of art.

Stay Away from Seed Sellers

Ebay is full of dodgy people selling fake items, and black strawberry seeds are the latest item to fall into the category. The listing may look legit, but the chance of growing a black strawberry from their seeds is practically zero.

Seeds are the perfect item for sellers to sell on Ebay. You see, strawberries take months to grow, so the buyer won’t know they have been scammed until months later. This timeframe gives the seller enough time to avoid any complaints or move onto their next trick. Even if the buyer does notice the deception, they may still not bother to complain about it to Ebay, which allows the seller to continue selling seeds online.

This doesn’t mean that you should never buy seeds online. I do it all of the time. Just make sure what you’re buying is a legitimate product that will bear fruit – if you pardon the pun. There are many online retailers that can be trusted for seeds and all kinds of plant products, so stick to these instead of Ebay and similar platforms.  

Other Strawberry Colors

There are now four colors of strawberry available to purchase. The red strawberry is a classic fruit that needs no introduction. The white strawberry is a semi-famous fruit that includes the delicious Pineberry variety. There is also the yellow strawberry, which is quite hard to find. Last but not least, we have the purple strawberry, which is very new to the market.