How Much Water Does a Spider Plant Need?

The spider plant is one of the world’s favorite house plants. They are both beautiful and easy to take care of. Perhaps the most notable thing about this plant is tiny spider sprouts that can be re-grown into individual spider plants.

In this article, we jump into how much water to give spider plants at each stage of their lifecycle and in the different seasons of the year. Let’s go…

How Much Water Does a Spider Plant Need?

You should water a spider plant once per week, but it depends on whether the spider plant is a young plantlet or a larger adult. It’s a good idea to test the soil before giving it some water. Don’t water a spider plant if the soil is still moist. These plants can tolerate dry soil for a day or two, so only water when the soil feels dry, which should be once every week or so.

Spider Plantlet Watering

These small plantlets need a lot of water, especially during the summer months. They need the water to grow new leaves and strong roots. I water my spider plantlets twice a week, but make sure to use a pot with adequate drainage.

With this said, it can be wise to check the soil before giving the plant a second dose of water for the week. There is a chance that the plantlet didn’t require that much water or the soil retained a lot of the water, so give a quick finger test. Push the tip of your finger into the soil to see if it’s dry or moist. Soil that is completely dry should be given a sprinkle of water until it is moist again.

Large Spider Plant Watering

When you have a fully-grown spider plant on your hands, you need a slightly different watering schedule. Unlike the younger plants, your adult spider plant should only need to be watered once a week. I also add some fertilizer once every two weeks.

You shouldn’t need to adjust your watering schedule too much when the seasons change, but you may find that the watering frequency can be decreased by a few days during the winter months. You may even find that your plant will be fine if you accidently forget to water it during the winter (I confess to have done this once or thrice).

Signs of an Overwatered Spider Plant

Your spider plant will tell you if it has received too much water. The main way it will do this is with the leaves, which get browner and browner before they die. If you notice this happening, inspect your plant instantly. If the soil is moist, stop watering completely and let the soil dry out.

Signs of an Underwatered Spider Plant

An underwatered spider plant will have been left in dry soil for more than a few days. Generally, an underwater spider plant will cry out for water by changing the color of its leaves to a light tone. So, keep an eye on those deep green leaves of your spider plant.


So, that’s how much water you should give your spider plant. Follow the advice in this post to grow beautiful spider plants that attract attention and add character to your home.

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