How Often to Water Kangaroo Fern?

Kangaroo ferns are a type of evergreen terrestrial plant of the genus Microsorum. These plants can be found in North America and Asia, but they also inhabit some other parts of the world, like New Zealand.

These interesting-looking plants have leaves that look similar to blades of grass, which is why it’s sometimes called “Bush Grass.” The kangaroo fern has one outstretched leaf on each stem for protection from sunlight, which is an adaptation to help prevent sunburn (or photo-inhibition).

Watering a kangaroo ferns plant is not as easy as it sounds. Kangaroo ferns are one of the most delicate plants and require a lot more care than your average house plant. So, how often should you water them? Let’s find out…

How Often to Water Kangaroo Ferns?

You should generally water a kangaroo fern deeply once per week. A kangaroo fern thrives in a moist environment, but they don’t like to be kept in soggy soil that has been overwatered.

You should never over-water a kangaroo fern because this can result in root rot and eventual death.

You can see if it’s time to water your kangaroo fern by dipping your finger into the top inch of the soil. If the soil feels dry, then feel free to add additional water to the soil. However, wait longer if the soil is still moist to the touch.

Water the kangaroo fern thoroughly, but remember to only use room-temperature water. Using water that is too hot or cold can shock your fern into death.

You should also use a pot that allows water to drain from the bottom. Doing this will prevent water build-up and the chance of root rot. Finally, allow the kangaroo fern to dry thoroughly before placing it back where it belongs.

How to Tell When Kangaroo Ferns Need More Water?

You can tell a kangaroo fern needs more water when:

The topsoil feels dry or doesn’t come up moist to the touch when you dip your finger in it.

The leaves are droopy and they don’t look as vibrantly green anymore. Brown leaves are a sign that your plant is thirsty.

The leaves at the base of the plant are browning, which is a sign that it’s time to water your plant again.

Brown tips or spots on the leaves of an otherwise healthy plant. These signs indicate a lack of moisture and nutrients for plants to thrive, which is typically caused by not enough watering.


Water the plant when you think it needs water, but don’t overwater if the soil is still moist to touch, since that can cause root rot. Pay attention to your plants’ signs of thirst for best results and be mindful about how much water your kangaroo fern will need over a period of time.

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