How to Make Monstera Leaves Grow Faster?

Monstera deliciosa plants are some of the most popular house plants. Provided with the correct care, they don’t take too long to grow. In fact, the plant should produce new leaves every single month.

It may seem like your monstera is growing at its own speed, but it is actually your care that is effecting the speed at which it grows. After all, you give it the light, food, and water it needs to thrive. With this in mind, you can make monstera plants grow faster with a few tips and tricks.

How to Make Monstera Grow faster?

There are a number of ways to make your monstera grow faster. Generally, you want to make sure that you are giving your full care and attention to your monstera. This means giving it plenty of light, water, and food. Let’s dive into our top tips for increasing the grow rate of your monstera plant.


Like with all plants, your monstera plant needs light for it to grow. This usually means giving them as much sunlight as you can. With that said, I don’t recommend leaving your monstera in direct sunlight, as the leaves could burn (depending on where you live in the world).

To give your monstera the light it deserves, you can use LED grow light (click to learn more and view my recommended lights). These are powerful lights that allow for a sustained light source. They are great for growing monstera in winter and growing monstera in winter conditions. Here are the grow lights I have (Amazon link).


Monstera plants need a lot of water to thrive. However, this doesn’t mean you should water your monstera everyday. Give them a healthy watering once a week. It’s hard to give advice without inspecting the soil ourselves, so you may want to get a moisture probe for your monstera plant.

Simply place the probe into the soil, check the reading, and then water your monstera if the probe gives a score of less than 2. I recommend this probe from Amazon (Amazon link).

You may want to water your monstera from above and below. Soak your monstera for a few hours by bottom watering. Give the plant a light watering on-top, and then leave any excess water to drain before finishing the procedure.


So, what’s the best humidity for making monstera grow faster? Let me start by saying that monstera plants survive with average room temperature (around 40%). Remember when we said that monstera are hard to kill?!

However, just because monstera are happy with 40%, doesn’t mean they won’t grow faster with higher humidity levels. It’s believed that the perfect humidity level for monstera growth is between 60-70%.

If you want to check the humidity in your house to grow plants faster, you can use a hygrometer. This is a link to my favorite hydrometer on Amazon. It makes it easy to view the current humidity and temperature levels.

With very low humidity levels, I would recommend getting a humidifier that will raise the humidity levels and allow your monstera to thrive. This is a link to my favorite humidifier on Amazon. The device doesn’t just produce mist, but it produces a warm mist that mimics rainforest conditions. It works automatically, so it will start increasing the humidity levels without you having to check your humidity levels every day. Finally, it is one of the quietist humidifiers on the market. It isn’t completely silent, but you can barely hear it.

Pest control

You should respect your plant’s current leaves if you want it to grow new ones. You can do this by removing dust and pests from your plant with a spray bottle.

But wait, you don’t want to only use water in your spray bottle. I recommend mixing neem oil spray (Amazon link), drop of washing up gel, and filling the rest of the bottle with water. Twist and turn the bottle to mix the different liquids together.

The next step is to spray the solution over each and every leaf on your plant. Leave the solution for a few seconds, and then wipe it off with a cloth.


Using fertilizer will allow your monstera to grow to its full potential. I recommend using fertilizer every month, but make sure that it’s diluted. You see, more fertilizer doesn’t mean more growth. It’s a balancing act. Miracle Growth is great (Amazon link).


There is a chance that the pot is holding back how fast and big your monstera can grow. You can find out if this is true by checking the roots. Carefully lift your plant and view the bottom of the pot – do you see roots poking-out from the bottom? If so, you likely need a larger pot.

I recommend using terracotta pots for monstera plants (Amazon link) as they are semi-epiphytic. For the potting mix, you can use regular potting mix for house plants. It can be a smart idea to add a drop or perlite.

Are Monstera Fast Growing?

Monstera are relatively fast growing plants. With the correct care, monstera usually grow 2 feet in a year. You may have heard that monstera plants are the perfect plant for beginners. Well, this is true. Monstera plants are incredibly easy to care for and hard to kill. 

How to Grow Bigger Monstera Leaves?

You can grow bigger monstera leaves by giving the plant enough room to grow upwards. You see, plants grow bigger leaves as they get taller, so that they can capture the sun’s rays as much as possible.

With that said, you will have no problem trying to make your monstera appear full with big leaves. They are known for growing big leaves that command attention.


So, that’s how to make monstera plants grow faster. With a growth rate of two feet every year, they typically produce new leaves on a monthly basis.

You will likely notice that your monstera grows faster and produces more leaves during the summer months. Either way, you’ll have to make mistakes to accidentally kill this plant. Give it enough light, water, and, then watch it flourish into a large plant.