How to Make More Spider Plant Babies?

So, you’re here because you want to know how to make a spider plant produce more babies. You’ve arrived at the correct place! In this article, we run through the best way to produce more spider plant babies. Let’s dive in…

What are Spider Plant Babies?

Spider plant babies are small plantlets that spider plants produce when they’re happy. They are basically mini spider plants that grow from the larger “mummy” plant.

Each spider plant baby has their own tubular roots, which mean they can grow into fully-grown plants if given the correct care.

My Spider Plant Has No Babies

Sometimes spider plants don’t produce babies, and it can leave us feeling confused. The most common reason for no spider plant babies is due to the plant being too young to produce. You see, spider plants need to be mature if they are to produce babies.

If you have a mature spider plant that doesn’t produce babies, then you will need to assess the plant’s living conditions. You need to keep the spider plant happy by giving the correct amount of water, keeping it in the correct light conditions, and not giving too much fertilizer. Keep reading to find out how to produce spider babies like crazy…

How To Make More Spider Plant Babies?

You can make more spider plant babies by offering moist soil, the correct amount of water, and some sunlight. Get it right, and your mature spider plant will have cascading stems of hanging babies.

We first need to understand how spider plant babies are made. Essentially, they are produced from runners, which are rooted nodes that create copies of the “mother” spider plant. These nodes can even be removed from the mother plant to be raised as standalone spider plants that will go on to produce their own babies.

There NEEDS to be some present runners for the babies to develop. As such, the spider plant should be rooted to create as many babies as possible. Your spider plant should be planted in a large pot where the roots can thrive.

Should I Cut the Babies Off My Spider Plant?

You won’t harm your spider plant by cutting the babies off, so it is completely up to you. You can prune your plant if you want to keep it smaller and easier to manage. With fewer babies to look after, your plant will be able to take advantage of the increased energy.

Personally, I enjoy keeping the babies on my spider plant. They just look so cool! I allow the babies to grow, and then I remove a few of them to grow on their own (yes… I have a LOT of spider plants in my house).

Do ALL Spider Plants Produce Babies?

Spider plants are hermaphroditic, which means they are both female and male at the same time. Spider plants do not need to be any gender to produce babies, which means every spider plant is able to produce babies. The only requirements are that the plant is old enough and given the correct care.

What’s In Your Water?

If you’re still unable to produce spider plant babies, the issue could be due to your tap water. You see, water from our taps contain high amounts of minerals and chemicals. Using rain water will reduce the chance of fluoride affecting your plant. The best way to water a spider plant is to use distilled water in a spray bottle, and then spray each individual plant baby, as well as the soil. You can learn more about watering spider plants here.

Baby Spider Plant Care Guide

There are a few things to remember when trying to get the most from your spider plant. They should receive light on a daily basis, but should not receive direct sunlight for any long periods. They should be kept moist at all times, but be cautious about overwatering.

The ideal temperature for making spider babies is between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. It can also be a good idea to feed your spider plant with houseplant liquid every few weeks during the summer months.


So, that’s how to make more spider plant babies. The most important rule is to make sure your spider plant is rooted and in a large enough pot. A small pot may not allow your plant to breathe and thrive. Unhappy spider plants won’t be producing any spider plant babies in a hurry.

You will usually know when babies are coming as you’ll notice small white flowers. Although, sometimes spider plant babies will randomly sprout from stems during the warmer months.