How to Make Pothos Plant Fuller?

Houseplants are great to add a little more character to your indoor decor. The pothos plant, without a doubt, is one of the most demanded and beautiful houseplants. Often called devil’s ivy and money plant, these remain green throughout the season and are very easy to maintain.

The leaves of the pothos plant are waxy and heart-shaped, which makes it an absolute delight to look at. They also have splashes of yellow over the leaves, giving it more definition and beauty.

They often grow in the form of vines and are beautiful creepers for your office and home. You can also use them as hanging plants and enhance their look.

Pathos plants are exquisite, but they look more beautiful when they are bushier and fuller. So, how to make pathos plant fuller? Fret not, because we will now teach you how…

How to Make Pathos Plant Fuller?

The beauty of pathos plants is enhanced when it appears fuller and bushy. The bushy look needs a little effort, but it will all be worth it in the end. Let us discuss some tips that can help make pathos bushier.

Set a Pruning Routine

If you desire to make your pothos plant have a bushy look, you need to prune your plant properly. It will be very beneficial if you have a proper routine for pruning your plant.

Without proper pruning, the stems of the plant trail a lot. The increased trailing makes the plant look thinner with each passing day.

If they are growing into spaces that do not have enough light, they will have scanty leaves and make the pothos plant undefined and non-sculpted. You can easily keep your pothos plant looking bushy by trimming it.  Wherever you want your plant to look fuller, use the pruning shears and trim the stems. 

Pruning is easy and does not require a lot of tools. You can cut out the stems growing out of proportion and sculpt proportionally. This will ensure that the future growth is the same way and your pothos plant looks fuller and exquisite.

Fertilization is The Key

Fertilization is the key to healthier-looking and growing plants. When it comes to pothos plants, they are not the ones that require fertilizers or heavy feeding. But if you are looking to accelerate a pothos plant’s growth, then adding fertilizers can help you a great deal.

Sometimes you grow a plant in the same pot or container for a lot of years; in such a case, fertilizers become essential. There are many options available, including compost and also seaweed liquid solution. The fertilizers help boost the foliage’s growth and help the plants appear very healthy and fuller.

If your pothos is growing in water, then you should refrain from adding fertilizers to it. In case of any noticeable build-up of fertilizer in the soil, you can always use a fresh batch of soil to plant it. Fertilizers and their proper usage will help you in enhancing the bushy look of your pothos plant.

Adequate Sunlight

If you are someone who has been into gardening and plants, then you know the importance of proper sunlight for the plants very well. The same is the case with your pothos plant. If you keep your pothos plant in a well-lit area, they will appear dense and also greener.

Similarly, if you keep your plant in a dimly lit area, they will not grow properly and appear thinner compared to other plants. But with all this, there is another point that you should keep in mind, and pothos plants should not be kept under direct sunlight. 

You will have to establish a perfect balance of light so that your pothos plant remains healthy and looks beautiful and bushy.

Water for the Win

Water has an essential role to play in the growth and healthy appearance of pothos plants. If the leaves of your pothos plant have started curling and appearing brown, then your plant might be dehydrated. If you notice such signs, then make sure that you are watering your pothos plant properly.

You can always have a proper watering schedule to help you. Make sure that the amount of water is just enough and not too much. Exceeding the amount of water can have negative effects on the growth of your pothos plant.

Setting the Right Temperature

In addition to the adequate amount of water and sunlight, it is also important that your pothos plant receives the right temperature. If your pothos plant appears limp and the leaves are shriveling, the pothos might be exposed to temperature stress.

If your pothos plant is exposed to direct sunlight or very high temperatures, then there is a possibility that the leaves will burn. This will destroy the overall health of the plant and reduce the business instead of increasing it. It thus becomes essential that the pothos plant is exposed to the right temperature.

Following some of the above steps can help you in adding fullness to pothos plants. The video below has some useful tips, so be sure to give it a watch.


Caring for a pothos plant is not that complicated and requires just some basic knowledge. Pothos plants make for beautiful houseplants, and their simplified maintenance routine makes it although more appealing. The fuller pothos plants, without a doubt, look better and add a lot of warmth and make any space aesthetically pleasing.

No matter if your pothos plant is growing in soil or water, some simple steps can make it look more beautiful. To ensure that you have a fuller pothos plant, make sure you are pruning the plant regularly. In addition to this, expose it to proper sunlight, water, and temperature.

This will give you a full pothos plant and an eye-pleasing look to any space, be it your home or office. Happy gardening!